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    Mark and Justin’s eyes had adjusted to the scant light in the cage. They had been talking for longer than they realized.

    “Why does the only bright place in this whole complex have to be the place where aliens are trying to eat you?” Justin bemoaned. He began to run his hands along the wall, feeling for a break or a seam. The light still left significant shadows in most parts of the cage.

    Mark added, “Seriously. And everywhere else has to be some type of cage. What do you think this place is, anyway?” Continue Reading…


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    “Holy crap, Justin! How did you get here?”

    “I dunno. But we gotta move if we wanna get out of this. Let’s go.”

    Justin hoisted Mark up from the ground and they ran down the hill in the opposite direction from all the fighting.

    “I still can’t believe it’s you! I hardly recognized you, your bald head is so ugly,” Mark said while following Justin’s sprint.

    “Shut up. Not now. We don’t have much time.”

    “Time til what?”

    “Shhh! Follow me. Stay low and stay quiet.” Continue Reading…


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    Heidi’s once gorgeous face contorted with fear as she struggled to get up off the ground. Behind her by the river was the group of bugs still feasting on the remains of the red headed man.

    Oh God, please don’t let those things see her. Get up, Heidi! Get out of there before they see you!

    Mark pulled against his chair restraints as hard as he could, but it was no use. Clenched fists, eyes closed, his whole body trembling, he writhed around until he couldn’t take the pain on his wrists and ankles any more. The restraints wouldn’t buckle. There was nothing he could do.

    He tried yelling, “Heidi! Ugh! Hei.. di!! Aah! Cannnn aaagh you ooow hearrrr?”

    The jolts of pain sparking through his nerves were too much to bear. His muscles contracted and jerked as his neurons sent pain signals throughout his body.

    Heidi didn’t even look toward him. She hadn’t heard a thing from Mark’s room. Mainly because she heard the swarm of creatures from behind her. Without hesitation she started to run away from the group of bugs towards the open area.

    Her rapid movements alerted the group of creatures to her presence. A few were still too interested in cleaning off the bones of their current meal to care about a new visitor. But there were enough that started to give chase Heidi’s outlook wasn’t good. Continue Reading…


This is chapter 6 of my novel, Foreign. I add a new chapter each Friday. If you need to catch up on previous chapters, click here.

“Do you have a minute, sir?”

“Make it quick. Is it serious?”

“The probability quotient is has slipped to 89.1% in the past hour.”

“Damn. We’ll need to move faster than planned. Proceed to the next phase.”

“Already? Are you sure that’s prudent? Sir?”


“Immediately, sir. Forgive me, sir.”

-From the office of the Secadoma

    Mark woke up in his plain metallic cell, on his cot, in darkness, just like the last time. Only now he was getting accustomed to his new normal. He was expecting the lights to come on as he placed his feet upon the floor like the last time. He finally felt like he could clearly see his room in detail – not that there was much to see.

    Not only could he see more clearly, but his stomach hurt like never before. He needed food.

    He made his way over to the cube chair and sat down. The tofu cube from before had somehow disappeared, so he pressed the button on the wall again. The hunger was so intense that Mark didn’t care about risk. He instantly snatched the little squishy cube and inhaled it. He waited for his body to have a negative reaction. Continue Reading…


This is chapter 5 of my novel, Foreign. I release a new chapter every Friday.




“Sir, can I come in?”

“Certainly. Take a seat. What have you got for me?”

“Inoculation is complete.”

“Any complications?”

“None. Initial reports indicate a probability of success at 97.3%.”


“Anything else, sir?”

“No. That is all.”

“Thank you, sir. Good day.”

“One last thing.”


“Remember, no one knows about this.”

“Certainly, sir. Of course.”

-From the office of the Secadoma


     Man! That was the strangest dream! It was so vivid. Where would I have even come up with something like that? I mean, big men in black suits? Torture? I must have been playing some strange video games before bed last night. What was I playing, anyway? 

     Wait, I wasn’t playing anything last night! I worked til midnight and then came home. But then what?

    Mark sat up in the darkness. His torso burned with pain as he raised himself, gasping aloud from the feeling. To his bewilderment, his right arm found empty space where the lamp on his nightstand should have been.

     What the crap?!? Continue Reading…