This is chapter 5 of my novel, Foreign. I release a new chapter every Friday.




“Sir, can I come in?”

“Certainly. Take a seat. What have you got for me?”

“Inoculation is complete.”

“Any complications?”

“None. Initial reports indicate a probability of success at 97.3%.”


“Anything else, sir?”

“No. That is all.”

“Thank you, sir. Good day.”

“One last thing.”


“Remember, no one knows about this.”

“Certainly, sir. Of course.”

-From the office of the Secadoma


     Man! That was the strangest dream! It was so vivid. Where would I have even come up with something like that? I mean, big men in black suits? Torture? I must have been playing some strange video games before bed last night. What was I playing, anyway? 

     Wait, I wasn’t playing anything last night! I worked til midnight and then came home. But then what?

    Mark sat up in the darkness. His torso burned with pain as he raised himself, gasping aloud from the feeling. To his bewilderment, his right arm found empty space where the lamp on his nightstand should have been.

     What the crap?!? Continue Reading…

This is chapter 4 of my novel, Foreign. I post a new chapter each Friday.



“Everything is under way”

“Perfect. Nothing will stop us now.”

-From the office of the Secadoma

    Shaking and clutching himself, Mark had pressed his body against the back corner as much as he could. He could not get any further from these things than this. There was no way he would let them take him. He would do anything so long as he wasn’t captured by these things.

    Silhouetted by the scarlet glow, four humanoid figures began to close in on him. They appeared to be at least a solid six feet tall, but Mark had no real way of knowing. Broad and bulky, the four of them formed a rather impenetrable blockade. It looked as though Mark’s cell had been designed to just perfectly fit four of these creatures, side by side. The wall of figures was steadily moving closer to Mark. Whatever he was going to do, he had about five seconds to do it.  Continue Reading…

This is chapter three of my novel, Foreign. I release a new chapter each Friday. Foreign   

 Darkness. Complete, utter darkness.

     I’m falling.

    Limbs flailed through the air. A moment later, his face slammed against a cold, smooth surface, bruising it. Totally disoriented, he pushed himself away from the plane, and raised his head, opening his eyes. Silence and darkness yet again. He still felt like he was falling even though he was sure that his hands and body were against the hard surface. To his bewilderment, he discovered that he was totally naked. The cold metallic feeling against his skin sent chills down his spine. He had no sense of where he was or in what manner his body was moving. His senses betrayed him.

    A vile feeling within his stomach began to well up inside of him. The bile was churning. His stomach contracted and chest burned. With a groan, he vomited all over his hands and arms in front of him. The only sensations he experienced were the smell of his vomit and the warm feeling of it running down his arms, all over his hands. Still disoriented, his hands slipped from under him and his face fell into his own filth. He gave a gurgling cry of pain as his sore chin hit the hard surface. Overwhelmed, his eyes began to role into the back of their sockets and the darkness began to overtake him completely. The wretched smell of his own sickness and the pain in his face began to fade away as his mind slipped from consciousness.


    Mark awoke with a start and realized he was lying on his side, in a fetal position, in his puddle of vomit. He thought he heard something like a scream, but he was not certain. At the moment, there was nothing but silence. He rolled over onto his back, and then leaned forward, sitting up. Continue Reading…

This is Chapter 2 of my novel, Foreign. Each Friday, I publish a new chapter



“Final preparations are complete.”

“Perfect. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Inform me of the result.”

“Certainly, sir.”

-From the office of the Secadoma


     The instant Mark opened the door to his apartment, he realized that something was definitely wrong. Without traveling more than half a foot or so, the swinging door collided with a cardboard box. This startled Mark. He knew that their apartment wasn’t tidy by any means, but he never just left garbage sitting on the floor, especially in the entryway. Squeezing through the partially opened doorway, he bent down to pick up the cardboard. With bold white letters, the box was labeled “Miller Genuine Draft.” It was a twelve pack, completely empty. Not tonight, of all times!

     After discovering the empty case of beer, Mark’s attention was next drawn to the heart-wrenching music that was blasting from their stereo at the other end of the room. He instantly recognized the song to be one of Justin’s favorites for when he was feeling melodramatic. The band was notorious for writing songs about girls and failed relationships. As he walked over to the stereo, he heard the melancholy lyrics of the song “My Heart is On the Floor For You” blasting through the room in a harmonious conglomeration of screaming and singing.

     I gave my all to you, every ounce of me.

     I was such a fool, so young and naïve.

     You took that free gift, and you spat on it.

     My heart was crushed, was turned to sh – 

     Mark turned off the music. It had been on so loud that he couldn’t think. With some peace and quiet, he turned around from the stereo system, hoping to find Justin lying on the couch, in one of his Emo moods. Instead, all he saw was the yellow couch – empty. Panic sparked in his mind. We don’t have time for this! Where could he be? The music alone implied that he must have been in a foul mood, and the idea of Justin pounding twelve beers… Justin was going to be useless in coming up with a plan. Mark scanned the room, looking for some indicator of what Justin had been doing that night. Continue Reading…

This is Chapter 1 of my novel, Foreign. Each Friday I publish another chapter.



“Good news, sir.”
“I believe we have our candidates.”
“This is good news. Take immediate action. These odds appear unbeatable.”
“Yes sir.”
“I want frequent updates on this.”

- From the office of the Secadoma


    Mark Heggenberger was especially excited about finishing work tonight. After rubbing his tired hazel eyes, he glanced over at the clock on the wood-paneled wall. The Star Wars clock read 11:55, almost straight up at the storm trooper. How could it only be 11:55? I’ve restocked almost all of the Drama section and dusted the shelves since the last time I looked at that horrid clock, and that was only seventeen minutes ago!Time was not moving quickly enough.

     Only five more minutes, then it will really be Friday night. Continue Reading…