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“Sir, they’ve escaped.”

-From the office of the Secadoma 


    For a brief moment Mark felt like he could have been walking by his own nation’s capital. The long, grassy expanse littered with people from all backgrounds, and monuments commemorating past experiences might as well have been in Washington DC. But the hovering taxi that was landing nearby reminded him that the statue he was approaching was of an unknown king.

    As they ventured further into the plaza, they felt like they were in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, looking up. They were surrounded by mountainous buildings on all directions. Only directly above the plaza was open sky. In the time it had taken them to walk toward the middle of the grass, some nacreous clouds had lazily slipped into view. Their silky iridescence made the sky look like molten lava flowing across the sky. It was like nothing Mark nor Jacob had ever seen. Continue Reading…


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    After spending days trapped inside dark, dank quarters or white, sterile rooms, the slivers of blue sky were overwhelming. Mark found himself still squatting right next to Justin, on a large roof top. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

    “Dude! We actually made it out of that hell hole alive!”

    Justin agreed. “I know! I totally thought we were screwed there at the end. And look where we are now! Where are we?” Continue Reading…



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    Fortunately, Mark and Justin were alone in this new room, which by the look of it, was not all that common an occurrence. A rough estimate totaled about fifteen chairs in the room. Along one whole wall was a long row of closets that looked like they could have contained another suit like their own. The wall that all the chairs were facing appeared to be one giant, inactive screen. Near one end of it was a podium that faced toward the chairs.

    “This must be where they all talk about who they’re gonna murder next, or who get to clean up alien poop,” Justin observed.

    “Hey, check out the lockers over there!” Mark approached one and pointed to a word on the center of it. Each locker had a word. “I think these are the names of all the people who work here and this is their stuff.”

    He tried opening the locker and it wasn’t locked. Inside there some personal objects like little trinkets and a screen card that was affixed to the back wall, playing a loop of a young family. There was no suit in the locker, but it was easily big enough to fit one. Maybe this guy was out working somewhere?

    He tried the next locker over, and it, too opened. There was a suit inside this locker. “So if each worker has a locker and if each locker holds a suit like ours, do you think that every suit is matched to an individual person?” Mark postulated. Continue Reading…

Chapter 10 – Corti

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This is chapter 10 of my novel, Foreign. I publish a new chapter each Friday at noon. If you’ve missed previous chapters, you can check out the archives here. Enjoy and spread the word!

Things are finally starting to look up for Mark and Justin!




    So it wasn’t robots after all! It was people, and little people at that! No wonder they needed big tough suits.

    Justin took one suit out of the closet. Hanging on a hook, it was fully enclosed on the front while the back split open. The suit looked easily big enough to fit him and was pleasantly lightweight.

    “These are our ticket out of here. Hold this up while I step into mine. I think they’re both about the same size.” Justin handed the suit to Mark to hold so he could get in it. Continue Reading…


This is Chapter 9 of my novel, Foreign. I post a new chapter every Friday. If you need to catch up on previous chapters, click here for the archives. If you are enjoying reading this, spread the word!




    Mark and Justin’s eyes had adjusted to the scant light in the cage. They had been talking for longer than they realized.

    “Why does the only bright place in this whole complex have to be the place where aliens are trying to eat you?” Justin bemoaned. He began to run his hands along the wall, feeling for a break or a seam. The light still left significant shadows in most parts of the cage.

    Mark added, “Seriously. And everywhere else has to be some type of cage. What do you think this place is, anyway?” Continue Reading…