Dying To Yourself

December 11, 2013 — 1 Comment


Life is hard.

Cookie 1024x1024 Dying To Yourself

Evidence of my need to die to my own desires…

We are busy. There are constant demands for our time, energy and presence.

We are getting close to finishing 2013. When I look back at this year, I’m amazed at what has transpired in my life. It’s been an incredible year. But it’s also been an incredibly full year. Continue Reading…

It’s no coincidence that the last post I wrote was over a month ago and it was about getting a puppy.

Everett Coming Home 1024x768 When You Feel Overwhelmed

Everett David Hill

These last six weeks have been filled to the brim. We got a puppy, I became the only ordained pastor at our church again, my final project for the first year of my DMin is wrapping up, and we had our second child, Everett David Hill. Continue Reading…


I think I might be insane.

Penny 2 e1370560317411 1024x768 Life Lessons Learned From A Puppy

Penny the puppy

Sara is due to have our second baby on July 5th, my 30 page DMin paper is due August 1st, I still have to finish 6 books before writing the paper, I’ll be the only pastor at our church for a little while starting June 14th, and 9 days ago

we bought a puppy. Continue Reading…


Sara and I just got back from a 48 hour getaway in Des Moines. No agenda, no schedule, and no Lylah. Two days where we could do pretty much whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

IMG 1157 1024x768 Why You Should Date Your Spouse

The view from our hotel room the night we arrived.

And I was tempted to stay home. Continue Reading…

you never know screen shot 576x1024 You Never Know What Will Work

I was surprised to see this!

A week ago I felt like I had nothing to write. I knew that it I needed to write something. Anything. It had been close to a week.

So I sat down to write in the morning for a short sprint.

My Tuesday mornings are usually pretty busy so after struggling to get words on a page for about 30 minutes, I had to go to work.

Later that day, I came back to the work I had started in the morning. Nothing that I had written looked inspired. It all felt forced.

But it wasn’t a finished post yet. So I had to keep working on it, even though it seemed like junk. Laboriously, I slogged through even more of it.

I still felt uninspired. Continue Reading…