003 Driving Through Deserts and Dunes with the Didiers

July 22, 2012 — 1 Comment


Episode 003 of A Light Up Ahead is live!

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Episode 003 Driving Through Deserts and Dunes with the Didiers

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Driving Through Deserts and Dunes with the Didiers

I took a week off publishing to embark on an epic road adventure with my brother Dave, and my two cousins, Amy and Allison. We had an incredible time and I share three reflections in this episode.

1. Amazing things happen when we change up our routine. Changing up the pace of life gets us off our auto pilot mentality. We notice God at work in new ways. Retreats and times of Sabbath and vital for anybody who wants to grow in their faith.

2. Relationships are how lives are changed. If we want to have any influence in somebody’s life, we have to know them well. And they need to know us. Disciples are made through relationships, not church programs.

3. Relationships take time. We need to be willing to spend the time it takes to develop deep relationships. This takes hours and hours. There’s no six-step formula to cultivating deep relationships. It happens organically, over time. Let’s commit to giving people the time they need to grow with us.

We conclude with 6 action steps to consider:

  1. Pray every day this week that God would lay somebody on your heart who would benefit from your time.
  2. Write the name of that person on a small paper or a notecard and put it somewhere you’ll see frequently.
  3. Invite that person out to Starbucks, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, or Applebees. Just hang out with them.
  4. Ask that person how you can pray for them.
  5. Pray for them.
  6. Keep meeting with them and praying for them.

Show Notes

  1. Church Programs Kill Discipleship


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Do you have any questions about anything you heard in the episode?

What retreats or camp experiences have been particularly meaningful to you? What relationships have impacted you the most? What excites you about the idea of spending more time with somebody? Does anything seem challenging about that?

I’d love to hear about how your decision to spend time with somebody goes in the coming weeks.



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  • scrhill

    Thanks for your honesty in this post. I enjoyed it a lot!