004 Procrastination: The Crusher of Dreams

July 29, 2012 — 1 Comment


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Procrastination: The Crusher of Dreams

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Procrastination: The Crusher of Dreams

I am a chronic procrastinator. In this episode, I chronicle some of my personal struggles with procrastination. Then we talk about three negative consequences of procrastinating.

1. When you procrastinate, it’s very difficult to take pride in what you do. And as a result, it’s difficult to find joy in what you do.

2. Procrastination eats up any margin in our lives. When we procrastinate, we rarely feel like our lives are fully in our control. We don’t have the ability to meet the random demands on our time if we are racing against the clock to get something done.

3. Procrastination is the reason why many of our dreams never come true. One little word can kill our dreams. “Later.”

We conclude with five tactics to fend of the crusher of dreams:

  1. Shrink the task.
  2. Do something today.
  3. Write an action plan.
  4. Tell somebody about your plan.
  5. Find out what works best for you.

This is just an outline of every we cover in the show. Give it a listen to hear about details about each of these points and leave a comment about your experience with procrastination.


Show Notes

  1. Switch: How to Change when Change is Hard, Chip and Dan Heath
  2. Great by Choice, Jim Collins
  3. Good to Great, Jim Collins



iTunes Transcript

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Do you have any questions about anything you heard in the episode?

What tactics have you found to be helpful in fending off procrastination? Which of the suggestions I made sounded the most helpful to you? Which ones seemed impractical or hard to follow?

We’re in this together. So keep me posted about how you are doing as you strive to defeat the dream crusher in your life.



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  • scrhill

    I love setting a timer for 10 minutes & seeing how far i can get in a cleaning or organizing task. Showing up every day is key!!!