005 Showing Up: How Incremental Change Can Transform Your Life

August 12, 2012 — 1 Comment


Episode 005 of A Light Up Ahead is live!

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005 Showing Up: How Incremental Change Can Transform Your Life

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Showing Up: How Incremental Change Can Transform Your Life

While watching an episode of Modern Family recently, Ed O’Neal’s character said something profound: Often, the biggest part of being a good dad is just showing up.

This got me thinking about how powerful our presence really is. When we commit to showing up to the commitments God has entrusted to us, we make monumental progress over time. In the following discussion, I describe three instances in my own life where incremental change help me achieve big results.

1. We can read through the Bible in a year. In 2004, I read through the entire Bible and God did incredible work in my life.

2. We make serious headway on big projects.  During November of 2011, I wrote 43,000 words of my novel as I daily committed to writing. In 30 days, I did three times more than what I was able to do in six years.

3. We gain control of our bodies and our health. Over the span of eight weeks, I lost 25 pounds because of healthy eating. For the first time in my life, I developed confidence about my ability to control my body and my health.

However, we often backslide. I heard some encouraging remarks from Michael Hyatt and a guest speaker at our senior high summer camp about how we are called to press on even after we mess up.

This is just an outline of the show. Join in our conversation by listening to the episode and leaving a comment below.

Show Notes

  1. “The New Mother: Young and Single, ” Relevant, May/June 2012
  2. Thoughts about You Lost Me
  3. Philip Zimbardo, TED talk
  4. One Year Bible, Tyndale, www.youversion.com , www.just1word.com
  5. National Novel Writing Month,
  6. The Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson
  7. The Power of Incremental Change,” Michael Hyatt



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Do you have any questions about anything you heard in the episode?

In these coming days, I invite you to think about what you could accomplish through incremental change. Where do you need to show up more regularly? How would your life be impacted if you did?

We’re in this together. So let me know what you come up with in the comment section below.



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  • scrhill

    This podcast inspired me to finish up my current Bible reading plan of the NT and begin to read the whole Bible through as we begin a new school year. I’ve only read it through in its entirety one other time and I want to read it again. Thanks for the inspiration!