007 Diving into Doubt

August 26, 2012 — 1 Comment


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007 Diving into Doubt

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Diving into Doubt

During this episode we talk about what doubting God can look like.

I have struggled with many doubts over the years. Most notably, the time I spent in seminary was filled with doubt. Since then, I’ve continued to struggle with various parts of the Christian faith.

However, as we go further in our discussion, we discover that there are multiple voices in Scripture that express significant doubt too.

After offering some encouragement for those who feel overwhelmed by doubt, I do my best to answer three excellent listener questions.

1. The first question comes from Tony. I know that God chooses not to “handle” every problem we throw at him, but how does he pick and choose? I realize we must continue to grow in our faith daily. Are his helping hands there more as a guide, and not as a magic wand?

2. While Jennifer asks: Why does God choose to perform miracles in some situations and not in others? How does he sit back and watch his children endure such pain when he could easily make the source of the pain go away?

3. Our last question comes from Michelle. She asks how we can we be sure that the Bible is trustworthy. In an age of relativism, how do we know that the Biblical worldview has more meaning than others?

This is just an outline of the show. Join in our conversation by listening to the episode and leaving a comment below.

Show Notes

  1. 1 Corinthians 13:12
  2. Jeremiah 20:7-10, 14-18
  3. John 20:25
  4. Matthew 27:46


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Do you have any questions about anything you heard in the episode?

How might talking more freely about our doubts help us face them?

Are there any doubts that you believe are not ok to entertain?




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