008 A Practical Guide to Cultivating a Devotional Life

September 3, 2012 — 1 Comment


Episode 008 of A Light Up Ahead is live!

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008 A Practical Guide to Cultivating a Devotional Life

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A Practical Guide to Cultivating a Devotional Life

There was so much to talk about that I decided to make this part one of a three week podcast miniseries. So make sure to come next week for part two!

Throughout the Bible, we see that God desires to know us intimately. In fact, there are multiple places throughout Scripture that describe the relationship between God and his people like the relationship of two lovers. As I’ve reflected upon this, I’ve realized that this can teach us a lot about how we can get to know God better. In the same way that all of our most important relationships require listening, talking, and spending together in order to flourish, we can do these same things through reading the Bible, praying, and worshiping God. In this episode, I outline five ways we can encounter God’s voice through the Bible.

1. We encounter God’s voice by reading the Bible.

2. We encounter God’s voice by memorizing the Bible.

3. We encounter God’s voice through hearing the Bible. 

4. We encounter God’s voice through meditating on the Bible.

5. We encounter God’s voice by studying the Bible.

This is just an outline of the show. Listen to the episode to hear more about each of these methods of encountering God’s voice and some helpful tips for practicing these regularly. Join in our conversation by leaving a comment below.

Show Notes

  1. John 1
  2. Genesis 1:26-27
  3. Ephesians 5
  4. www.youversion.com
  5. Life Application Study Bible
  6. NIV Study Bible
  7. N. T. Wright Bible Commentary
  8. NIV Application Commentary
  9. Daily Study Bible Commentary
  10. Listening for God, Marilyn Hontz


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Do you have any questions about anything you heard in the episode?

Are there ways that you hear God’s voice that didn’t get mentioned in the show? What have you found that makes it easier for you to regularly read the Bible? What challenges do you face?

Also, if you have any general questions about cultivating a devotional life, let me know in the comment section below, and we’ll answer them in the upcoming episodes.




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  • scrhill

    I need to pray before reading my Bible to ensure I get the most out of it and that my mind doesn’t wander as I read it. Thanks for this podcast.