012 – Battling Shame

February 3, 2013 — 2 Comments

012 - Battling Shame


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  • Calvin

    I enjoyed this episode. I find that shame causes me to obsessively compare myself to others. When I see another succeed, rather than see it as a positive example to emulate I focus on my failures and weaknesses. I constantly ask myself “why can’t I be more like that”? I wish I could just let those thoughts and feelings go. I feel an intense amount of pressure to achieve certain things and obtain certain milestones. When I see others succeed, I almost automatically feel bad about myself. How can I change the way I see myself so that it is not dictated by comparison to those around me?

    • Calvin, I can relate! Comparison is deadly! We either never measure up to others, or we’re better than others. Although this is a continual challenge, it can be helpful to define what our vision for our life is. That way, we can define success in terms of our own standards.
      Michael Hyatt (www.michaelhyatt.com) offers a free resource for creating a personal life plan. I highly recommend it. Another great resource is Robert D. Smith’s new book, called 20,000 Days and Counting.
      Both of those resources have helped me discern what my vision for life is. I’ve found that when I have a clearer vision for myself, comparison isn’t as big of a temptation.
      It’s a constant struggle, though. Keep at it. God’s not finished with you yet!