A Light Up Ahead 2.0

April 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

Saying that a lot has happened since my last post would be an understatement.

It’s been just about ten months since I last updated this page and even then, I hadn’t posted in a few months. A Light Up Ahead has been in stasis. I felt that the longer I went without writing something, the harder it became. Earlier this week I was listening to a podcast by Michael Hyatt where he talked about the power of incremental change. He made one comment that struck me. This is my paraphrase:

We all get off track with our goals, but what sets the achievers apart is when they decide to keep going.

So here I am.

And here is A Light Up Ahead 2.0.

In this post I will update you on five big changes since my last post.

1. Lylah

On December 1, 2011, Sara and I had a beautiful baby girl, Lylah Joy Hill. We love her tremendously, and she is already growing a ton. She smiles, drools, sucks on anything near her mouth, rolls over, and sleeps mostly through the night. Sara and I are learning a whole new way of life as we get to know her better each day. You can expect some future posts dedicated to what she is teaching us about life.

2. Writing

Although I haven’t done much blogging, I have written a sizable chunk of my novel I’ve had in the works. It has been thrilling to see the story unfold as I’ve made more significant headway. You can bet that I will be writing some posts about my experience with the novel.

3. Church Changes

The head pastor at our church is stepping down from his position in two days. These previous months have been a time of significant transition for our church and all the staff. My role at church has been ever evolving alongside the staffing changes. These changes have given me much to think about regarding the way we do church. This blog will be a place where I explore these thoughts further and I invite you to join in the discussion as it develops.

4. Video Games and Faith

This last summer I had the privilege to speak at two morning breakout sessions during our senior high summer camp. I spoke about how we can enrich our faith through reflecting upon our video game experiences. It has gotten me thinking about the way we interact with our media and how it can strengthen our faith when we approach it the right way. I plan to post on games, books, and other media I consume as I find connections to our faith.

5. A Light Up Ahead 2.0

The site has a new look, new organization, and some new content in the About page. I encourage you to check out the site and all that has been updated. With the new structure, I have divided the blog into six categories:

Five of these six categories cover my biggest interests, while “Life” includes everything else that doesn’t fit into any of those. These will provide a sense of focus and clarity to the blog so that readers can quickly identify the content they are looking for.

You can expect me to write a post at least every Friday, but I hope to write more frequently than that.

So what’s been new in your life? Has there been anything in need of a reboot? Let me know what changes you’ve been making or what you need to change in the comments below. I pray that God will give you the courage and dedication to do something new.


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  • Roxanne Didier Hill

    You have also made me into an extremely grateful and hilariously happy grandmother with the birth of Lylah Joy. I must point out, though, that her birthday is December 1, 2011. Just sayin’, proud papa!