A Light Up Ahead Podcast. By Austin D Hill.


This is a weekly podcast by Austin D. Hill that helps point you to the light of Christ through everyday experience.


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  • I broadcast new episodes on the first and third Sunday of the month.
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Podcast Archives


Episode                                                                                                            Release Date


001 The Greatest Story Ever Told                                                                      7-1-12

002 Seeing God at Work in Everyday Experience                                             7-8-12

003 Driving Through Deserts and Dunes with the Didiers                                7-22-12

004 Procrastination: The Crusher of Dreams                                                   7-29-12

005 Showing Up: How Incremental Change Can Transform Your Life             8-12-12

006 Assuming the Best                                                                                     8-19-12

007 Diving into Doubt                                                                                        8-26-12

008 A Practical Guide to Cultivating a Devotional Life                                      9-2-12

009 A Practical Guide to Cultivating a Devotional Life Part 2                           9-9-12

010 A Practical Guide to Cultivating a Devotional Life Part 3                           1-6-13

011 Your Biggest Challenge Could Be Just What You Need                            1-20-13

012 Battling Shame                                                                                           2-3-13

013 Can We Really Trust the Bible?                                                                  4-21-13