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Now that I’ve finished my doctorate, I’m even reading Greek for fun! I’ve got no excuse for not writing more.


Last night I couldn’t sleep.


I was supposed to be up at 5:30am for our weekly breakfast Bible study. I almost never get enough sleep on these nights, but I had actually turned out the lights at 9:37pm.


8 hours on a Monday night!


But I just lay there, tossing and turning. I had left the door open and the cats were walking all over me. Unable to get comfortable, I finally checked my watch. 10:30. So much for 8 hours. Continue Reading…

Chapter 27 – So Cold

September 18, 2015 — 1 Comment


This is chapter 27 of my novel, Foreign. I’ve taken about a month off while I traveled to Guatemala and Atlanta, had family visit, finished a doctoral paper, and got back into the swing of the school year. I’m hoping to get back to posting every week. If not, I’ll shoot for every two weeks. Either way, I cannot guarantee that I’ll be posting by noon on Fridays. It will be some time on Fridays. Thanks for your patience! The story still continues! If you’ve missed a chapter, you can check out the archives here. That page also includes a PDF and E-pub file of the whole book through chapter 26. If you like what you read, please spread the word, and make sure to sign up in the upper-right corner to get each new chapter emailed to you. Thanks and enjoy!




“They’ve escaped, sir.”


“Our resources will be more limited now.”

“I’m aware. See if you can procure some more help.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Be discreet.”

-From the office of the Secadoma


    “You shoulda listened to me, you turd!” Justin yelled out, catching his breath as he sat next to Mark on the ice.

    Mark didn’t bother to respond, but continued to lay on his back, looking up at the stars, heaving from exhaustion.

    “After all we’ve gone through, we coulda died because you didn’t want to get dirty?” Justin pressed further.

    Mark still didn’t respond. Continue Reading…


This is chapter 26 of my novel, Foreign. I’m finally in uncharted territory! For the last 26 weeks, everything I’ve published was already written in some form. From here on out, all of it is brand new. It’s a surreal feeling. The events described in this week’s chapter have been ten years in the making. It feels great to finally press forward and write scenes that have been in my mind for almost a decade. So keep reading, keep the feedback coming, and spread the word. As always, I post these new chapters on Friday. However, I don’t think noon is going to be a realistic goal in the future. Also, if you need to catch up on previous chapters, click here. Enjoy!





    “It’s time to leave for your journey; I’m going to miss you,” Deena’s sorrowful voice woke Mark from his sleep. Opening his eyes, he saw that she was sitting at the foot of his bed. She rested her hand on his leg, and added, “You should take one more shower while you’re here. I’m more than willing to help you get ready.”

    Still half asleep, he was sufficiently awake to feel creeped out by her continual advances. “No thanks. I think I can clean myself.”

    “You don’t have to stay here,” Mark eventually added, hoping she’d give him some privacy.

    “I don’t mind.”


    The shower didn’t help him wake up. He wasn’t sure if it was the only six hours of sleep he had been getting, the fact that he was probably going to die in his second escape attempt through sewage, or the fact that it always looked like night in the Pit, but he felt miserable. Continue Reading…

Chapter 25 – Preparation

August 14, 2015 — 1 Comment


This is chapter 25 of my novel, Foreign. I publish a new chapter each Friday at noon. If you’ve missed any previous chapters, check out the archives page here. Make sure to subscribe to my blog so you’ll get each new chapter as it comes out on Friday. If you like what you’ve been reading, please spread the word. Enjoy!




    Deena returned after what felt like a short time, announcing that it was already half way through the first shift, time to meet Hauzel again. Mark couldn’t look at her the same way, knowing what Justin had described to him earlier in their conversation.

    Hauzel greeted the three of them in the same meeting room as before. Only, this time, he had a few assistants with him. Along with his additional assistants, there was a meager pile of supplies spread out on tables in the middle of the room.

    “This is all you’re giving us to survive out in the wilderness?” Justin was incredulous. Continue Reading…


This is chapter 24 of my novel, Foreign, I publish a new chapter each week at noon(ish) on Friday. If you want to catch up on previous chapters, check out the archives here. Make sure to subscribe to my blog so you’ll get each new chapter right when it comes out. And spread the word if you like what you’re reading.




    “Wait. What?” Mark couldn’t believe what he had heard.

    “I think your people are still alive. I don’t know how many by now, or if they’ve stayed in the same place. But I want you to find out.” Hauzel explained.

    Justin sputtered, “But we wouldn’t even know where to look.”

    “I do.” Hauzel said, directing their attention to the map. “Look here. Tielmetra is seated in the heart of the Monten Tal Tiel where the Tielrina runs down from Tielmonta over here.”

    “In the heart of the what? By the what? Down from the what?” Justin asked. Continue Reading…