Four Ways Vision will Benefit your Life

June 11, 2012 — 1 Comment

Over the past six weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about vision.

It all started when I listened to a podcast by Michael Hyatt where he discussed the impact vision can have on productivity. He got me thinking about the way I organize my life and how it influences all I do.

God used that podcast as a catalyst for me. Two days after listening to it, I resuscitated my blog. Since then, I’ve written 15 blog posts, gotten back into my novel with close to 3000 words written, revamped the look and format of my blog, made significant headway on starting a podcast, and read a few great books about vision, discipleship, and platform.

It bears noting that this has also been during one of the busiest times of the year in youth ministry – graduation. Additionally, it’s been during a very busy time in the life of our church family as we’ve been going through staff transition. Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, my family has gone through a lot in the past month as well.

I say this not to brag, but to point out the power and truth of Michael’s claim.

When we gain clarity with our vision, our productivity skyrockets.

God has amazing timing because while he has been working this way in me, our church leadership had scheduled June 10th as our first planning meeting to discuss our vision for the coming years… and I was in charge of organizing the meeting!

While preparing for the meeting, I spent time reading some great material from Andy Stanley and Will Mancini about vision. It has pumped me up so much! I’ve gained a vision for vision, so to speak. Tonight, I had a blast creating a vision for vision with our church leaders.

I’d like to share with you four reasons why clarifying your vision can dramatically improve your life, church, organization, etc…

1. Vision gives us enthusiasm. We all can remember the hilarious movie, Office Space, and its satirical take on corporate life. The movie resonates with so many people because it rings true for so many of us. Sadly, many people aren’t enthusiastic about their work.

I’ve found that even I can get bored at long meetings or feel like I’m not doing anything worthwhile. I was amazed and horrified when I first experienced this. “How can working in a church be so unfulfilling sometimes?” I wondered.

A clear sense of vision gives us enthusiasm because we believe in our work. We believe it all matters. Each day becomes an opportunity for impact instead of an obligation.

2. Vision gives us purpose. When there is a clear picture of our desired future, everything we do gains significance. We feel purposeful in our actions because our work moves us in a forward direction. It moves us to that unrealized future that we want to experience.

3. Vision gives us energy. If we have clearly established what we want our future to be like, it gives us the energy and drive to make it happen. I worked from 7:30am to 9:30pm today and when I came home, I was excited to write another blog post. It’s late, and I should be tired enough to be in bed, but I am finishing up this post because I know how writing contributes to the future I have envisioned for myself.

4. Vision gives us unity. I love being a part of a team of people who are passionate about what God has called them to do. I especially love praying with those people, hearing their passion for their calling come out in our common prayers. As we gain more clarity about our vision, we learn how we can work together to accomplish our goals.

This is so important in ministry. It’s too easy to do solo ministry, focusing just on our individual goals. With a clear vision, we see how our goals coincide with the goals of others, and how my work affects the work of others. We gain a clear picture of how we all work together to reach people in various stages of life.

I could go on with more benefits to developing a clear vision, but I’m running out of space. We talked about 9 benefits tonight in our meeting! Vision affords us huge possibilities in life.

I’m curious. How might cultivating a clear vision for your life benefit you? What desired future do you seek to achieve? What gets in the way of establishing your vision? Sound off below.


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  • scrhill

    This is encouraging to me so that each day at work, I can keep my church’s mission statement in mind and think about it as I go through my day. Sure, some tasks will better help me make our church a “church for the community,” but it will help me realize that everything I do can help our church live out our mission/vision.