Making Your Marriage An Adventure

April 16, 2013 — 8 Comments

This is a guest post from my wife, Sara, about an awesome book that just came out recently.

About a year ago my husband Austin said, “Hey you should check out this lady’s blog. You’d really like reading it.” I added to my Feedler app and read the most recent posts. Immediately I was hooked.

Our advance copies!

Our advance copies!

Carrie writes openly about her desire for a couple’s first marriage to be their only marriage. She knows that using tools like Christian faith and sound money management will help couples achieve this goal. Carrie is like me 15 years from now. She is awesome.

Carrie’s posts are a regular encouragement to me. Some of her advice catches me off guard, like her encouragement to save water by always showering with my spouse and her encouragement to always sleep naked. All of her advice spurs me on to be the best wife I can be as Austin and I pursue our own marriage adventure.

Imagine how excited I was when Carrie announced she was writing a book titled Marriage Adventures. She needed funding, so I gladly gave my “blow money” one month to her campaign. (When Austin found this out he was impressed by my altruism. Austin spends his $40 on pizza, Twizzlers and video games. While I am altruistic, my most recent monthly “blow money” when towards a fantastic mint green pedicure… so…)

Because I financially supported Carrie, I got an advanced .pdf copy of her book a month ago. I couldn’t put it down. It is a must read for any couple seriously considering marriage. It is a must read for any engaged couple navigating the stressful engagement waters. It is a must read for any married couple thinking about having children. It is a must read for any married couple desiring to communicate more effectively with each other.

Carrie’s prose is easy to read. I felt like she and I were sitting at a coffee shop talking. She and her husband Erv can be your mentors as you embark on the marriage adventure.

My favorite quote is from page 264 when Carrie says, “Trying to live every day of our lives in tandem with another person requires us to die to self on a daily basis.” This is so true. Each day I have to die to my selfishness, die to my pride, die to my stubbornness… I have to put my marriage first. Now, this doesn’t mean that I will always put Austin’s needs above my own to the point of martyrdom. That is unhealthy. It means that Austin and I both have to remember that sometimes what is best for us sometimes isn’t best for our marriage.

Two examples:

1. When I come home from work and am tired, sometimes the last thing I want to do is laundry. However, I remember that my husband has worked even more hours than I have that day and that I enjoy doing laundry more than him. I die to self and go do laundry.

2. When Austin finishes up at the office, he doesn’t exactly want to go to Hy-Vee to buy eggs and fruit. However, he remembers that it will take him half the amount of time as me because I am at home with our toddler. He dies to self and goes to Hy-Vee. (not as often as I probably should – Austin)

Reading this book will absolutely enhance your marriage. It can offer jumping off points for conversation. If you are engaged, then this book is a must read. In fact, Austin and I plan to give it to every couple we do premarital counseling with from now on.

Check out her site for more information and don’t forget to buy the book this week as it just came out on Sunday.

Follower her on Twitter or follow the hashtag: #marriageadventures

Instagram: @AdventureCarrie

We are giving away a free copy the book. All you need to do is like this page on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a comment below about why you’d like a copy of the book. 1 winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, April 23.

Why do you want a copy of Marriage Adventures? How do you think it would strengthen your current relationship?


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  • Rebecca Dunlap

    Would love for Amy and Drew to have a copy!

    • That’s a great idea! It would be perfect for them.

  • scrhill

    I’m glad you’re having a giveaway because this book should be in the hands of many, many couples. Thanks, Austin!

    • Yes, thanks Austin and Sara! I really appreciate your heart to share our book with the young couples your work with. Thanks so much for your support and belief in us!

  • Paula

    She’s such a great author and I love reading her posts! As a wife of three years about to have our first baby, this would be a great read!

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