Michael Hyatt’s Book, Platform. Why I’m Promoting it.

May 25, 2012 — 2 Comments

I know I’m joining the ranks of countless other bloggers who wish they had Michael Hyatt’s success, and are writing about him this week. However, I can’t think of a good reason not to.

I admit it. I’m an evangelist.

On Tuesday, May 22, influential blogger and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Michael Hyatt, published his new book called Platform. He’s been promoting this book for a while now, and I’ve been very excited to purchase it. In fact, I even had it preordered. Here are eight reasons why I’m recommending this book even though I haven’t read a single page.

1. Michael Hyatt is a man of integrity. His Christian faith influences his work and personal life, and he’s not afraid to talk about all three. In a podcast episode about learning from failure, he shared multiple experiences of failure in his own life. I have been frequently impressed by his candid nature when describing his own experiences. Michael Hyatt does his very best to walk his talk authentically.

2. I have learned the immense value of living life on purpose from Michael. Consider the way Dave Ramsey helps us to be intentional with our money. Michael does to our whole life what Dave does to our finances. Through Michael’s Ebook about creating a life plan, I’ve refocused my priorities.

3. The thoughts espoused in this book come from real industry experience. Michael doesn’t just spout off sound bites that have no basis in reality. He only prescribes ideas that he’s had some personal experience with. And I value his experience because he has had success in his field. Dave Ramsey always suggests that if you want to be a millionaire you should talk with millionaires about what they do. Michael opens a window into how he has gained reach in order to influence hundreds of thousands. If I want to influence people, I should listen to him.

4. Not only are Michael’s thoughts based on his experience, they are practical. He discusses steps that I can take tomorrow, next week, or within 90 days in order to strengthen my ability to influence others. It’s not a bunch of theory that won’t actually impact my life. I love learning about ideas that can tangibly shape my life. This content will do that.

5. Michael is humble. There’s no faster way to irrelevance in my mind than when somebody is conceited. I don’t want to learn from somebody who thinks they’re all that. I don’t want to be like that kind of a person. Michael values his contributions, but he’s open to learn new things and quick to admit when he has room to grow. That’s the kind of leader I want to follow.

6. Encouragement is Michael’s gift. A few weeks ago I had four hours of driving and I knew that Michael had started a podcast recently. I downloaded every episode and listened to them while driving. I tell ya, I felt like I could conquer the world by the end of that day! His words got me so energized that I came home and completely reworked my blog. His motivation is the reason why I have been writing so consistently over the last few weeks. He has fueled my passions regularly and often.

7. He legitimately wants you to succeed. At the end of each episode of his podcast, Michael says, “Your life is a gift. Now go make it count.” He truly means that. While he worked full-time in the publishing industry as a CEO, he didn’t have to share so many tips and tricks that he had picked up from his experience. His two Ebooks about publishing are tremendously helpful.

I remember after reading one of his books, I had a question about some of the content. I shot him an email about it and he promptly responded to me. And this was during a time when the monthly visitors to his site numbered in the hundreds of thousands. From his public speaking, his blogging, his podcasts, and his social media engagement, his desire for others’ success becomes so clear.

8. I’ve learned from him that success is not antithetical to the Gospel. Michael makes money encouraging and equipping others because of his Christian witness. In a sense, he basically makes a living promoting himself and the impact of his Christian faith. Any time money and faith come close together, we tend to get cautious… and rightfully so. However, as I’ve gotten to see Michael’s character while he’s built his own platform, it’s become so clear to me that he is not trying to swindle people.

I believe it’s similar to financially supporting a pastor as they seek to enrich people’s lives based on their Christian calling. Purchasing his products gives him the ability to influence more people and enlarge his opportunity for impact. This is what every Christian leader desires. The only difference is that Michael doesn’t have a church with a weekly collection plate financially supporting him. He has to ask for that support on his own.


In case you couldn’t tell, I have a lot of respect for Michael Hyatt, and I’m very excited about all the content he publishes. Do yourself a favor. Check out his book. If you purchase his book this week you’ll get a slew of exclusive bonuses.

If you’re a skeptic, still do yourself a favor, and visit his site, michaelhyatt.com. Subscribe to it, and you’ll get his very helpful Ebook. Not to mention you’ll wake up every day to a dose of encouragement and practical advice.

To be clear, I’m not receiving anything for writing this. This is purely voluntary. In reality, it’s a testament to his effectiveness if he’s made me this much of an evangelist.

Who has inspired you like this? What has their impact been in you?


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  • Hey Austin, it’s been cool to see you re-energized about your blog – it’s looking nice and the posts are great!  Keep it up!

    To answer your questions, family and friends have definitely inspired me to grow and change.  They hold me accountable and have direct conact/influence with me.  Dave Ramsey and Jim Collins are two great business leaders who inspire me to keep moving forward, and Doug Fields and Andy Stanley are influential pastors whose books have helped me as a pastor with a local ministry! I have also found Michael’s life plan e-book to be a very helpful tool – and it’s free – which is always a plus. 

    • Thanks, Josh! There is certainly something to be said about the people present in our lives who consistently motivate us to more fully live into Christ’s calling for us. I also agree that Dave, Jim, Doug, and Andy are great leaders. What Andy Stanley books have you read that you’ve found to be helpful?