Six Reasons I’m Excited for Mother’s Day

May 11, 2012 — 2 Comments

During a meeting with the elders of our church this week, we began by doing some Bible study in small groups. Our passage was 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18. It is a brief, but inspiring text. Here it is:

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

I’ve been reflecting on this idea of thankfulness a lot lately. As this Sunday approaches, I’ve been thinking about one person for whom I have been especially thankful. This is her.

I’m lucky

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, and here are six reasons why I’m excited to celebrate it.

1. Sara motivates me to be a better Christian. She so consistently gives of herself to others that I’m humbled daily. She spends probably 95% of her waking hours serving others. She even spends her sleeping hours serving others as she frequently wakes up to care for Lylah when I snooze away, oblivious to the world through the blessing of earplugs. Every day, I see the life Jesus calls us to live embodied in Sara.

2. Sara takes joy in being a mother. I’m discovering that parenting is a ton of work! My personal time is precious to me, and it feels like I have much less of it as a parent. I know the same is true of Sara, and she embraces this new reality with joy.

3. Sara takes her role as a mother very seriously. She reads blogs, magazines, and books about how she can be a better mother. I tell her that everybody has their own opinion about parenting and we don’t need to hear others’ perspectives so that’s why I don’t read all that stuff. Really, that’s just an excuse. I would rather just play video games. Deep down, I know all that reading is incredibly helpful. If there’s something Sara can do to be a better mom, she wants to hear about it.

4. Sara prays for Lylah and me. Frankly, I think I’m still in shock that I’m a father. It’s taken me a little while to embrace habits that I’ve always assumed Christian parents should do, like praying for and with our children. From the very beginning Sara has interceded on Lylah’s behalf.

5. Sara juggles serving as a pastor and serving as a mother with ease. She thrives in her ministry setting and at home. Both parenting and ministry can become completely consuming, yet she manages to have energy, passion, and creativity in both spheres.

6. Sara is intentional about her relationship with me. She frequently tries so very hard to serve me as my wife, and put my needs before hers. It is astounding to me to see how dedicated she is to our relationship, and making it the best it can be. She’s quick to apologize, and even quicker to try new things for the sake of our marriage.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of why I’m excited to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. It’s just enough to get you thinking. What excites you about this coming Sunday? Who are you thankful for this year? Do they know it? What do you plan on doing to show them your gratitude? Leave a comment about what or whom you are excited for this Mother’s Day.


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  • Austin, Thank you so much for this wonderful gift to me. I am thankful for you and cant wait to celebrate you on Father’s Day. I love you.

  • Shimikomontgomery

    This is such a sweet post. Your recognizing Sara’s gift as a mother tells me how amazing of a father you are!