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On 11/11/11, a masterpiece was released. There was a problem, though. I was leading our senior high fall retreat.

You can walk to everywhere you see. This game is massive and beautiful.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC’s on that Sunday, and I had it pre-ordered. I had been eagerly awaiting Skyrim’s release for months. And yet, I didn’t start playing the game until this last December, over a year after its release.

There are several reasons why I waited thirteen months to play a game that I was thrilled to play. Continue Reading…

This might take a bit of work, but imagine this scenario:

Imagine if the Cold War had indeed escalated into something catastrophic. Imagine if during the middle of the twentieth century there had been an intense nuclear war. There were a handful of people who prepared for the war, and built secure vaults underground to be protected from what was to come.

200 years later, you are a young man who has lived only inside one of these vaults. You discover that your father has gone missing. He’s been the first one to leave the vault since before the war. You decide to search for your father. As you leave your underground home, this is what you find.

Washington DC, 200 years after nuclear war.

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