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This is chapter 21 of my novel, Foreign. I publish a new chapter each Friday at noon. To read previous chapters, go to the archives here. If you want to stay up to date, you can subscribe to my blog and you’ll get every new chapter right in your inbox. Spread the word about Mark and Justin’s adventure as they try to escape from Tielmetra.




    Mark wasn’t sure whether they would fight or run. The only thing about running was that they had nowhere to go, but they hadn’t challenged four people wearing Tielsuits before. A third option came to him as everything on his suit was shutting down, and all the flashing lights displayed in his visor disappeared.

    Maybe we should surrender?

    He looked to Justin for some indication. Justin was still on the ground by the panel they had kicked in. He wasn’t moving. His Tielsuit had lost all its finish and some parts looked like the metal had lost its original shape.

    The four guards surrounded them. Standing a few feet away, the guards spoke with unintelligible words. “Qut uk nu? Qit nu uk ut then?”

    My suit is toast! Continue Reading…


This is chapter 20 of my novel, Foreign. I publish a new chapter each Friday at noon. To catch up on previous chapters, check out the archives here. If you want to stay caught up, make sure to subscribe to my blog in the upper right corner of this page. That way, you’ll get each chapter delivered straight to your inbox. Please also spread the word about Mark and Justin’s journey. There’s still much more to come.




    In the two and a half seconds that followed, Mark had just enough time to see that there was indeed an outcropping of metal that below him. His only hope was the the metal would be stronger than the inner wall of the city or his fall would be much longer than desired.

    To his relief (and pain), he found the metal of the open heat exhaust vent to be adequately sturdy. It funneled both of them into a dark corridor where they crashed against an interior wall.  Continue Reading…