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I was surprised to see this!

I was surprised to see this!

A week ago I felt like I had nothing to write. I knew that it I needed to write something. Anything. It had been close to a week.

So I sat down to write in the morning for a short sprint.

My Tuesday mornings are usually pretty busy so after struggling to get words on a page for about 30 minutes, I had to go to work.

Later that day, I came back to the work I had started in the morning. Nothing that I had written looked inspired. It all felt forced.

But it wasn’t a finished post yet. So I had to keep working on it, even though it seemed like junk. Laboriously, I slogged through even more of it.

I still felt uninspired. Continue Reading…


I’ve been in Southern California this week, guiltily enjoying a week of vacation while Sara is at home with Lylah, both of them sick.

The view from my room at my parents' house.

The view from my room at my parents’ house.

I’m out here to start the class work for my doctorate at Fuller next week, but I came out a week early to go to one of my good friend’s weddings. It seemed foolish to fly back to Iowa just to fly back out to California a week later. Continue Reading…