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Last April, I stumbled upon the work of Jeff Goins. You can check out his excellent blog here.

How can you get wrecked?

How can you get wrecked?


His words caught my attention instantly. Better yet, they influenced my behavior. His ebook, You Are A Writer, was instrumental in kick starting my own writing.

Last August, Jeff published a book called Wrecked. Just like his other writing, this book was accessible, encouraging, and it called me to action.

Today, I’m excited to publish an interview that I had with Jeff about some of the ideas from his book. The post is a little longer than usual, but it’s packed with great wisdom. In the following conversation you’ll find nuggets about finding significance and meaning in our lives, and even comments about farting wives. Continue Reading…


I’m a statistics fiend.

Whether it’s constantly checking what page I’m on in a book, how many pages I’ve read in the last hour, what location I’m reading through in my Kindle, when my character will level up in a video game, or what kind of gas mileage I’m getting during my road trip, I can obsess about statistics.

When I started blogging more regularly, I discovered a dangerous app for my iPhone and iPad.

I’m addicted

WordPress mobile. Continue Reading…

Worth every dollar.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to discover Jeff Goins. He’s cool for a few reasons:

1. He regularly writes helpful, practical content on his blog.

2. He’s proud of the fact that a kid said he looks like Luke Skywalker.

He had me hooked when I found that out. So I decided to buy his most recent e-book, You Are A Writer. I read through this short, but profound book while flying down to Nashville to visit my brother (more on that later…). Continue Reading…