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Practice Makes Better?

August 6, 2012 — 1 Comment


This Sunday came and went. No podcast was ever written.

The only thing written here is what I have in my template for each episode.

When I thought up the idea of a weekly podcast, I had a romantic picture of me waxing philosophical in my basement every week, cracking jokes, telling stories, and inspiring the masses through my amazing words. Continue Reading…


Episode 002 of A Light Up Ahead is live!

In order to get every episode for free, click here to subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes store. You can also look it up in the store by its title, “A Light Up Ahead.”

Episode 002 – Seeing God at Work in Everyday Experience

If you like what you hear, I would greatly appreciate it if you rate my podcast on the iTunes store. The more ratings I get, the more easily new people can hear the podcast.

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This last weekend was my first official Father’s Day.

Don’t worry, I didn’t feed her any cheese popcorn. She just liked kicking the bag.

Before you write this post off as more sentimental drivel like so much else that has proliferated the Internet over the past few days, I have a confession to make. Continue Reading…

For all you extreme snoozers...

I abhor waking up in the morning.

In fact, I am convinced that getting up each morning is all the evidence we need to conclude that we live in a fallen world.

Think about it. How terrible it is that the first conscious thought we have each morning goes something like this:

“Ugh! It can’t possibly be time to get up already! What I would give for just a little longer…”

It’s a tragedy. Our first waking moments each day consist of the painful realization that we want something we can’t have. You might think that I’m being dramatic about this, or that I simply need more sleep, but I know I’m not alone in this. Clocky proves it.

As a tool to get snoozers out of bed, Clocky drives around your room, chirping until you get out of bed, catch him, and turn him off.

We’ve created an alarm clock robot to help us get out of bed more easily! We must be desperate! Continue Reading…