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Let’s be honest. We’re all busy.

A book that will help you with that one thing you can't neglect.

A book that will help you with that one thing you can’t neglect.

And anybody who has a kid or two is even busier. If your kids are younger than sixteen, your life is probably so far beyond busy that you don’t even know what to call it.

If you’re anything like me, when life gets busy, you start to prioritize. Anything nonessential gets dropped. Instead, you do just what you need to survive the day.

The challenge we all face when we do this prioritizing is differentiating between what’s urgent and what’s important. When our lives are constantly busy, we often run from one fire to the next, trying to put them all out as best as we can.

However, in so doing, we often neglect some of the more important things that aren’t screaming for our attention (pun intended).

I’ve been convicted of this lately as my life has been extraordinarily busy with Sara and me doing so much traveling. Last night was the first free evening that Sara and I had together since February 10th. I’d like to tell you that we did something epic after Lylah went to sleep.

We watched two episodes of Downton Abbey while eating a Dairy Queen blizzard, and went to bed. Continue Reading…


Episode 002 of A Light Up Ahead is live!

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Episode 002 – Seeing God at Work in Everyday Experience

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This last weekend was my first official Father’s Day.

Don’t worry, I didn’t feed her any cheese popcorn. She just liked kicking the bag.

Before you write this post off as more sentimental drivel like so much else that has proliferated the Internet over the past few days, I have a confession to make. Continue Reading…