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This is a guest post from the best mom ever, my wife, Sara. I’m so thankful for her!

I don’t know when I began our ritual, but it was sometime before Lylah’s first birthday. While she sat in her high chair, I would poke myself in the chest while saying “Mama.” Then I would poke her in the chest while saying “Lylah.”  When Austin was around, I would repeat the ritual, adding in “Dada” as I poked him.

Raising this little one takes persistence.

Raising this sweet, little one takes persistence.

I would do this almost daily, usually when she was in her high chair. I bet some days I did it at all 3 meals. Usually, Lylah would just smile at me, or giggle after I poked her. By the time she was 1, she was able to recognize me as “Mama” and Austin as “Dada.” These were her first words and I don’t know about Austin, but I cried with joy the first time she looked at me… really looked at me… and said “Mama.” Continue Reading…

Terrible at First

April 23, 2013 — 3 Comments


Something amazing happened on Sunday night.

The closest to a smile I saw.

The closest to a smile I saw.

Lylah actually tolerated her bath.

But it was after a few minutes of earth-shattering screams. Let me be clear: Lylah wasn’t just shedding a few tears, sniveling, and occasionally letting her anxiety get the best of her by raising her voice.

We might as well have dropped Lylah in a bath of acid. Continue Reading…

I just got home from a conference in Colorado Springs with Sara and Lylah.

Does it mean I’m a bad parent if I stopped to take a picture of this?

Trying to keep costs down, we drove to the conference and we took Lylah with us. So we got a ton of time in the car with Lylah. While traveling, we noticed Lylah doing a new trick. Continue Reading…


This last weekend was my first official Father’s Day.

Don’t worry, I didn’t feed her any cheese popcorn. She just liked kicking the bag.

Before you write this post off as more sentimental drivel like so much else that has proliferated the Internet over the past few days, I have a confession to make. Continue Reading…