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I am away at camp this week with my senior high students. I’m excited to announce my very first guest post! This is a post from my wife, Sara. She is the pastor at Goldfield United Presbyterian Church. She’s also a loving mother, and sweet wife. You call follow her on Twitter if you’d like. Show her some love down below in the comment section. This is her first official post in the blogosphere. Welcome, Sara!

You have to say “no” to a lot in life if you want one of these

A few weeks ago, one of my parishioners was placed on hospice care. The parishioner requested that her pastor (me) be placed on the hospice team. Wright County Hospice mailed me a letter notifying me that I was now a part of this woman’s hospice team. The letter asked for my insights and any other helpful thoughts I might have.

I typed up my insights along with the form I signed. A few days later my phone rang. A cheerful lady from hospice called to thank me for my wise insights. “I think you really hit the nail head-on with this situation.” She went on to tell me a bit more about this woman (most of which I already knew). I politely listened and said “uh-huh” and “yes” where appropriate. Continue Reading…

This might take a bit of work, but imagine this scenario:

Imagine if the Cold War had indeed escalated into something catastrophic. Imagine if during the middle of the twentieth century there had been an intense nuclear war. There were a handful of people who prepared for the war, and built secure vaults underground to be protected from what was to come.

200 years later, you are a young man who has lived only inside one of these vaults. You discover that your father has gone missing. He’s been the first one to leave the vault since before the war. You decide to search for your father. As you leave your underground home, this is what you find.

Washington DC, 200 years after nuclear war.

Continue Reading…