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Sara and I stopped by our not-so-local Apple store today while driving down to Colorado Springs. While there, I was ogling the new Macbook Pros with their Retina displays. My current Mac laptop is only two years old, but it felt much older while in the store.

While thinking about when I purchased my laptop, I also remembered how excited I was to try out my first game on my new, fast, computer. Sara had gotten me The Sims 3 for my birthday.

Everything rises or falls on that little, green progress bar.

In case you don’t know the concept of The Sims, it’s rather simple. You create a totally customizable character, known as your Sim. And then you control the life of your Sim. You can make them handsome and dashing, or an unattractive slob. You can make them a nerdy super-genius, or a flirtatious Casanova. They can live in a trashy home and never work, or they can climb the corporate ladder and own the best house in the neighborhood.

So the video game is a game all about real life?


And it’s incredibly addictive. Continue Reading…