The Best Advice for Beating Writer’s Block

April 19, 2013 — Leave a comment


I haven’t published an episode of my weekly podcast since February 3.

writer's block incarnate

writer’s block incarnate

Let me at least tell you the excuses I’ve been telling myself for the last ten weeks:

  • I’m too busy to find time for writing my podcast.
  • I should spend that time writing more of my novel or finishing my eBook.
  • I have too many sermons to write and I have no more creative energy.
  • Nobody even listens to my podcast anyway.
  • My upcoming topic seems too hard to tackle well.

The last excuse was the lie I told myself the most. About two months ago, I posted my upcoming topic on Facebook and asked people to submit questions. I wanted to write about how we know we can trust the Bible. And people asked really good questions that I didn’t have any immediate answers for. So I just never wrote anything.

I think the real reason that I haven’t written my next episode is because I haven’t felt like it yet. I’ve kept waiting to feel inspired enough to write it, but that hasn’t happened yet. So there’s no podcast episode yet.

While listening to an episode of Michael Hyatt’s podcast, he talked about this idea and he said that, in all honesty, he probably feels inspired to write about a third of the time that he sits down to write.

That means that for 33 of his 50 podcast episodes, he had to buckle down, and force himself to start writing something! Three times a week, he finds himself writing when he doesn’t feel like it… and he’ s a New York Times best-selling author.

In the end, even for published authors (especially for published authors) writing is work that requires discipline.

Michael Hyatt and other authors I read have quoted Mark Twain about inspiration and his words are worth repeating. When asked about whether he waits for inspiration to write, Twain said this:

Yes I do. But inspiration always comes at 9am, sharp, every weekday.

This is so hard for me. As an ESFP on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I live for the moment. If I don’t feel it in that moment, I don’t do it. Too bad life doesn’t really work like that.

So, even though I still don’t feel like it, I’m going to go work on episode 13 of A Light Up Ahead.

What do you know you need to do today even though you don’t feel like it? Don’t wait for inspiration. Sit down and inspire yourself by starting.



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