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I’ve had this stack of cardboard boxes on my back porch for months. Every time I see it, it bothers me, and I say, “I’ll deal with that later this week.”

Half of this pile is still here.

Half of this pile is still here. Notice the Christmas decorations still out.

I finally dealt with that stack today… Well, sort of. I got rid of maybe half of it.

Even getting rid of half of the pile feels great. It feels great because I know the reason why I didn’t finish the whole pile. I didn’t do all of the boxes because I was finishing up a rough draft of my first eBook.

I’ve had the idea to publish an eBook for close to a year now. But I’ve used all varieties of excuses to stop myself from sitting down and writing it. For the longest time, I couldn’t decide what to write about. I had multiple false starts that never panned out. I purchased Keynote and started making a page layout to create the book in PDF form. But then I got tied up in the formatting and working on graphics.

Finally in January, I settled the topic to write about. I started writing it one night, and the progress felt painfully slow. I knew the topic was right, but words just did not materialize. I kept at it for an evening, but didn’t get too far.

Discouraged, I put it on the back burner and tried to keep up with writing regular blog posts, and more podcast episodes. It didn’t help that there were six weeks out of the first eight in the year where either Sara or I were gone, leaving the other to be a single parent. So I stopped writing podcast episodes and didn’t get much further on the eBook.

But yesterday was Easter and I had today off from work. Today was going to be my day to write. I was going to make sure to get up at 5am so that I could get a lot of work done before the rest of the house got up.

I woke up at 9:20.

After getting ready, I had one meeting at church and then some errands. As you might imagine, I got home at about 12:30. I sat down at my computer at maybe 1pm and “just checked Facebook for a minute” for probably another hour or so.

By then, Lylah was up from her nap, and it was time to take her sixteen-month birthday pictures. I think I finally sat down and started typing somewhere between 2pm and 3.

Like my previous attempt, words were not coming naturally. I started to think, “Why do I really want to write this? Nobody’s going to read it anyway. Maybe I should just quit this whole blogging thing.”

However, I forced myself to keep creeping along.

And after a while it got a bit easier. Before I knew it, I got a rough draft down. And it turned out better than I thought it would.

I can’t tell you how great it feels just to have finished this part of the book. More than anything, it feels good to make progress. I can check something off my list. It’s not nagging at me like it has for so long.

So what’s something that’s been nagging at you lately? What’s something that you’ve been intending to do, but just haven’t gotten around to starting?

I dare you to start working on it today.



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  • scrhill

    I am trying to make picture books of my family on iphoto. I am embarrassingly behind on the project… literally years behind. My New Year’s Resolution was to begin to work on them a few hours each week. That has not happened in 4 months. Maybe this week will be the week. Thanks for the encouragement!